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“Others Standing By” – Kristoph Klover

Video Music: Others standing by - thestars large / Thiên văn học Đà Nẵng

Are we all alone, or are there others standing by.
Waiting to see what we will do, how hard we’ll try?
It costs a lot to live, even more to fly.
Kindly send a prayer my way while I shoot up in the sky.

“Why would you go there?” they say.
“There’s nothing up there anyway.
We could use the money here.
Don’t you know that life’s too dear?”
Dreamers never ask why.
Spend their money in the sky.

We’ll send the best from Earth, to find out what it’s worth.
We’ll send the best from Earth, to find out what it’s worth.

Late at night when I’m feeling blue,
I know the dream can’t come true.
Everything’s too far away —
Generations far, they say.
But like things that can’t be done
Beyond the pull of our sun,
To some far star we’ll steer,
Though it takes a thousand years.

And the sky’s no limit anymore.
We’ve broken through heaven’s door.
Don’t you want to see where we could be?

Ain’t it funny how people dream?
Make up worlds they’ve never seen,
Beings wonderful and rare
In this cosmos that we share.
Sometimes dreams come true.
Satellites beyond the blue,
Welcoming the human race
When we go and live in space.

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